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In a few clicks, the online specifying tool can help you identify the correct products for your project, give you an indication of the number of devices needed, along with their positioning and current consumption.

Store and retrieve your project information online or just simply download and print off your results.

The VADs tool is based on Loss Prevention Code of Practice CoP 0001, the UK 'Code of Practice for Visual Alarm Devices for Fire Warning'. The tool should be applied at the discretion of the user, particularly outside the UK, and should be used for guidance purposes only. No liability is implied or accepted for the results given.

1. Define your specification

1.1. Define mounting or surface category
1.2. Define your area
The minimum mounting height for a wall mounted product is 2.4m. Fulleon’s ceiling mounted products are specified for a maximum height of 3m.
1.3. Define ambient lighting – UK ONLY (optional)
A lux meter complying with BS 667 should be used to determine the average ambient light levels. The ambient level should be the maximum anticipated at any time. Specified in CoP 0001 (UK only)
1.4. What flash colour do you require?
A white flash generally consumes less current than a red flash
1.5. Choose your system voltage
System voltage is the voltage generated at the panel, and does not take into account wiring lengths or voltage drops
1.6. Choose your device
EU after the product name means it has the default tone set to DIN
Calculate your specification to produce an illustrative plan and summary...

2. Your specification results are shown below...

To provide a specification illustration you must complete the required fields in section 1.2 AND choose one of the applicable products listed in '1.6 Choose Your Device'

3. Adjust your specification

3.1. Change your flash colour
A white flash generally consumes less current than a red flash
3.2. Change your flash rate
Reducing the flash rate from 1Hz to 0.5Hz will reduce current consumption further
3.3. Change your selected toneNo tones exist for this product.

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