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Combi Signalling Unit - Status Indicator

Eaton Fulleon Combi Signalling Unit

The Combi signalling units provide an extremely flexible system for the assembly of audible and visual signals that may be used in applications where different levels of warning or status need to be communicated.


The foundation of the system is the deep base pre-assembled into linear units of 2, 3 or 4 pieces. Into the assemblies the user can fit audible and visual warnings chosen from the standard ranges of Cooper Fulleon RoLP sounders, Solex Xenon beacons and Solista Maxi LED beacons.

The RoLP and RoLP Maxi allow the user to choose from 32 alarm tones and outputs in excess of 107dB(A). The Solex Xenon beacons are available with three levels of light output and in five colours, the Solista Maxi beacons again offer five colours and additionally three user selectable modes of operation; steady, single flash, and double flash. LED beacons also are inherently robust and have extremely long operating lifetimes important
where access formaintenance may be limited.

Supply voltages from 9 to 60Vdc and 110 to 230Vac are available.  Please see data sheets for the particular devices for full specification. 

Description  Product Reference Catalogue Number
Combi base 2 x Deep base, Red CB/2/R COMBI DOUBLE DEEP BASE RED 593004FULL-0034
Combi base 3 x Deep base, Red CB/3/R COMBI TRIPLE DEEP BASE RED 593008FULL-0321
Combi base 4 x Deep base, Red CB/4/R COMBI QUAD DEEP BASE RED 593009FULL-0322
Combi base 2 x Deep base, White CB/2/W COMBI DOUBLE DEEP BASE WHITE 593010FULL-0323
Combi base 3 x Deep base, White CB/3/W COMBI TRIPLE DEEP BASE WHITE 593011FULL-0324
Combi base 4 x Deep base, White CB/4/W COMBI QUAD DEEP BASE WHITE 593012FULL-0325
ROLP Combi, Red Base, Red Lens, Tone 7 AVV SO/RL/15  ROLPX/R/7  SO/AL/15 536431FULL-0011
ROLP Combi, White Base, Amber Lens  AV/ROLP/W SO/W/AL/10C 539995FULL-1083
ROLP Combi, Mains, Red Base, Amber Lens AV/W ROLP/R SO/R/AL/10C + MAINS MODULES 539994FULL-1047
ROLP Combi, Mains, Red Base, Red Lens AV/W ROLP/R SO/R/RL/10C + MAINS MODULES 539993FULL-1046



  • Traffic light style indicator
  • 2, 3 or 4 way assemblies
  • Uses standard Fulleon sounders and beacons
  • IP65 protection
  • Flexible configurations to suit many status warning applications
  • Can be assembled to give any combination of four audible and visual signals
  • Quick and easy to configure
  • Can be used internally or externally