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Signal Towers SL7 and SL4

Eaton Fulleon SL7 and SL4 signal towers

The new SL7 and SL4 signal towers are built around a modular design and cutting-edge LED technology, guaranteeing visibility even in the toughest lighting conditions. The clean and elegant design of the individual elements lends the SL7 and SL4 an unmistakable high-quality appearance.

A variety of mounting options gives the SL7 and SL4 signal towers adaptability for all types of application. A new assembly system decreases mounting and dismantling by up to 50%. The transportation cover protects cables and terminals.


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24 Vdc , 24 Vac, 110-120 Vac, 230-240 Vac

Signal elements:

Max of 5 with standard base. Max of 10 with base mounting both sides.


Flash, steady


Continuous or pulse


-30ºC to +60ºC


Polycarbonate (PC)


IP66, IEC / EN 60945-5-1
IEC/EN 60529, UL Type 4, 4X,13


0.8 Kg - 1.02 kg

Lens Colour:

Red, Yellow, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear



  • High-performance LEDs for increased perceptibility
  •  Sounder module up to 100dB with up to 8 different signals and adjustable volume levels
  • High- performance LEDs ensure high recognition levels even in very bright environments
  • Adaptable sounders for a faster response time in the event of failure or maintenance
  • Compact and pre- assembles units
  • Fast mounting system
  • Transportation cover
  • Increase the flexibility and reduces stock keeping
  • Easy to dismantled in one easy motion and without the need for tools.
  • The base and wiring remaining on the machine which removes the risk of error in reconnection.
  • Protects against transport damage