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Solista Maxi - LED Beacon

Solista Maxi LED Beacon

The Solista Maxi, a LED beacon which gives the choice between economy and performance. In the economy mode the Solista Maxi performs extremely efficiently requiring as little as 3mA. But it can be switched to attain much higher light output where visibility is the prime objective. For even greater effectiveness a double flash sequence can be selected.

Data Sheets
Solista Maxi Datasheet (105 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates


9 - 60Vdc (*1)


3 / 5 / 15mA (user selectable)

Light Output:

0.5 / 1 / 3cd (user selectable)

Flash Rate:

Single flash @ 1Hz
Double flash @ 1Hz
(user selectable)


- 10ºC to + 55ºC


Reverse polarity


Base ABS, FR, PC lens


IP21C (s)* IP65 (d)*




Red or White

Lens Colour:

Red, Amber, Clear, Blue or Green

 (*1) 110 / 230Vac when used with a Deep powered base.
(s)* Shallow Base
(d)* Deep / U Base

Description  Product Reference Catalogue Number
Solista Maxi, Red Body, Red Flash, Shallow Base, Red Lens SOLX/RF/RL/R/S 811021FULL-0037
Solista Maxi, Red Body, Red Flash, Deep Base, Red Lens SOLX/RF/RL/R/D 811020FULL-0036
Solista Maxi, Red Body, Red Flash, Clear Lens SOLX/RF/CL/R/S 811041FULL-0006
Solista Maxi, White Body, Red Flash, Shallow Base, Clear Lens SOLX/RF/CL/W/ 811023FULL-0039
Solista Maxi, White Body, Red Flash, Deep Base, Clear Lens SOLX/RF/RL/W/D 811024FULL-0040
Solista Maxi, Red Body, Amber Flash, Clear Lens, Deep Base + Mains Mod SOLX/AF/CL/R/D + MAINS MODULE   811057FULL-0082


  • Ultra low current consumption
  • LED technology
  • Long service life
  • Compact size
  • Use where current consumption is a key consideration
  • Ensures high efficiency and long life
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Discrete option where aesthetics or space is a priority