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Solex - Xenon Beacon

Solex - Xenon Beacon

Xenon Beacons are a cost effective compliment to audible alarms for use in areas of high ambient noise. The wide operating voltage and automatic synchronisation of the Solex make them a universal solution for all types of alarm and monitoring systems.


10 - 60Vdc (*1)


Solex 3 85 - 25mA
Solex 10 185 - 45mA
Solex 15 510 - 120mA
(current drops at higher voltage)

Light Output:

Solex 3 2.5cd
Solex 10 10cd
Solex 15 15cd


-25°C to +70°C


Reverse polarity


ABS/ PC lens






Red or White base

Lens Colour:

Red, Amber, Clear, Blue or Green

 (*1) 110 / 230Vac when used with a Deep powered base

Description  Product Reference Catalogue Number
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White, Deep Base, 10cd SO/A/DW/10 531027FULL-0085
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red, Deep Base, 15cd SO/R/DR/15 531028FULL-0111
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Deep Base, 15cd SO/A/DW/15 531029FULL-0112
Solex Xenon, Red Lens, Red, Deep Base, 10cd + Mains Mod SO/R/DR/10C + MAINS MOD   531024FULL-1049
Solex Xenon, Amber Lens, White, Deep Base, 10cd + Mains Mod SO/A/DW/10C + MAINS MOD 531027FULL-1048
Solex Xenon, Blue Lens, White, Deep Base, Mains, 10cd + Mains Mod SO/B/DW/10C + MAINS MOD 531051FULL-1051


  • 3 light output options
  • 5 lens colour options
  • 9V - 60V
  • Tamper switch option (10cd)
  • Performance to suit your application
  • A colour to suit all events
  • Wide operating voltage for maximum flexibility
  • For use where security is an issue