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Solista LX Wall

Solista LX Wall

The Solista LX Wall product takes its slim line design cues from the popular Solista Maxi. Available in a red or white body colour and with a shallow, deep base or U base, the Solista LX Wall is suitable for a variety of applications. The Solista LX Wall has a unique lens design that distributes light to achieve the required illumination, whist using minimum current.

Certified to EN 54-23 (meets the required illumination 0.4lux/m2 over entire area) , see the resources tab for product certificates.

 New! Online Specifying Tool to Guide the Installation of the New LX Range of EN 54-23 certified beacons

Mounting Type



9 - 60 VDC


10 - 25mA dependant on setting

Coverage (y)

7.5m (switchable to 2.5m)

Mounting Height (x)

2.4m (max)

Coverage Volume Code


Coverage Volume

135m3 (15m3)

Flash Rate

1Hz (Switchable to 0.5Hz)


 -25oC to +70oC


Reverse Polarity


IP33C Shallow Base  IP65 Deep and U Base



Body Colour

White or Red

Flash Colour

White or Red

Description  Product Reference     Catalogue Number
Solista LX Wall, Shallow Base, Red, White Flash SOL-LX-W/WF/R1/S 812007FULL-0108X
Solista LX Wall, Deep Base, Red, White Flash SOL-LX-W/WF/R1/D 812008FULL-0109X
Solista LX Wall, Shallow Base, Red, Red Flash SOL-LX-W/RF/R1/S 812013FULL-0114X 
Solista LX Wall, Deep Base, Red, Red Flash SOL-LX-W/RF/R1/D  812005FULL-0107X 
Solista LX Wall, Shallow Base, White, Red Flash SOL-LX-W/RF/W1/S 812015FULL-0116X
Solista LX Wall, Deep Base, White, Red Flash SOL-LX-W/RF/W1/D 812016FULL-0117X


  • Conforms with EN 54-23 (meets the required illumination 0.4lux/m2 over entire room area) 
  • LED technology for long service life and low current consumption, maximising the number of devices on your alarm circuit 
  • Unique optics for light management, with lens design that optimises light dispersal, minimising power wastage 
  • Up to 7.5m coverage volume which reduces the number of devices required to cover an area 
  • Coverage switch feature - For smaller areas switch down from 7.5m to 5m, reducing power consumption and saving up to 50% 
  • Wide input voltage range for flexibility in system design 
  • Flash rate switch feature - Reduce from 1Hz to 0.5Hz to reduce power consumption by up to 50% 
  • Soft start up for reduced current peak at start up, reducing circuit loading   
  • Locking Bases to prevent easy removal of device