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Manufacturing the Market Leading Sounder

November 2011

The Roshni is the fire alarm markets leading conventional sounder, although it finds uses in much wider applications such as security, general signaling and process alarms. It is estimated that Fulleon has produced over 10 million products from the Roshni range, since it entered the market. The success and longevity of the Roshni is owed to its reliability which has ensured that specifiers and installers keep coming back for more.

Various manufacturing processes employed at Fulleon have proved key to the products continued success. Fulleon also has a very experienced manufacturing workforce with low staff turnover, resulting in responsibility for the products and the way they are manufactured. The mature and established Quality Management System (QMS), has been audited to ISO9001:2008 by UL and LPCB, and the Lean Manufacturing Process saves time and increases productivity.

Quality & Engineering Manager Chris Grandon says "Everyone understands that we are building a world class product with a very important function, and this helps ensure the delivery of customer satisfaction."

The Roshni itself has evolved over the years. The more recent RoLP (Roshni Low Profile) is a more compact version of the original product with performance equaling or exceeding its predecessor. The addition of a beacon, using either LED or xenon technology to create an Audible Visual unit, (the RoLP Solista or Flashni) introduces flexibility to the range, for use in a wide range of applications.

This widely specified product has retained its market leading position for over 20 years, and is still proving to be a bestseller.