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Solex 3, 10 & 15 (Xenon)

Solex 3, 10 & 15 (Xenon)

The Solex range of xenon beacons are a replacement for the earlier BE and Inergi (IB) beacons. The increased functionality of the Solex permits a much reduced range of products and therefore allows a simplified stock holding and easier choice for the installer. The wide operating voltage, increased efficiency and automatic synchronisation of the Solex make them a universal solution for all types of alarm and monitoring system.


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Data Sheets
Solex Datasheet (140 KB) (PDF)
Product Certificates
Solex IP65 Test Report (118 KB) (PDF)


110-230Vac with Powered Base


Solex 3      85-25mA
Solex 10   184-45mA
Solex 15    510-120mA 

Light Source:


Light Output:

Solex 3      2.5Cd
Solex 10   10Cd
Solex 15   15Cd 

Flash Rate:



10ms over 30mins


-10°C to +55°C
-25°C to +70°C


Reverse Polarity


Shallow Base - IP54
Deep & U Base - IP65




0.15kg Shallow Base
0.18kg Deep & U Base

Lens Colours:

Red, Amber, Blue, Green & Clear
Description  Product Reference Catalogue Number
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Shallow Base,3cd SO/R/SR/3C 531025FULL-0061
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Deep Base,3cd  SO/R/DR/3C  531025FULL-0087
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Shallow Base,3cd  SO/A/SW/3C  531026FULL-0062
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Deep Base,3cd  SO/A/DW/3C 531026FULL-0086
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, White Shallow Base, 3C SO/R/SW/3C 531025FULL-0883
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White U Base, 3C SO/A/UW/3C 531026FULL-0120
Solex  Beacon, Clear Lens, White No Base, 3C SO/C/NB/3C 531039FULL-1055
Solex Beacon, Clear Lens, White U Base,3C SO/C/UW/3C 531039FULL-0121
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Shallow Base,10cd  SO/R/SR/10C  531024FULL-0060
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Deep Base,10cd  SO/R/DR/10C   531024FULL-0088
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Shallow Base,10cd  SO/A/SW/10C   531027FULL-0063
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Deep Base,10cd   SO/A/DW/10C  531027FULL-0085
Solex Beacon, Clear Lens No Base, 10C SO/C/NB/10C 531042FULL-1059
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Shallow Base,15cd  SO/R/SR/15C  531028FULL-0064
Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Deep Base,15cd  SO/R/DR/15C   531028FULL-0111
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Shallow Base,15cd  SO/A/SW/15C 531029FULL-0065
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White Deep Base,15cd   SO/A/DW/15C  531029FULL-0112
Solex Beacon,  Clear Lens, No Base, 15C SO/C/NB/15C 531036FULL-1064
Solex Beacon, Clear Lens, White U Base , 15C SO/C/UW/15C 531036FULL-0133
Solex Beacon, Amber Lens, White U Base,  15C SO/A/UW/15C 531029FULL-0132



  • Wide operating voltage up to 60Vdc
  • Current surge suppression
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • High efficiency
  • Constant performance over voltage range
  • Locking base
  • Tamper switch for security applications
  • 3 light output options
  • Five lens colours
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • MED certification