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Cooper Fulleon Launches New LX Fire Beacon Range

September 2012

Prior to May 2010, there was no fire industry standard that determined the light output, performance criteria and installation requirements of visual alarm devices (VADs). This has now been rectified with the release of the European standard EN 54-23: Fire alarm devices – Visual alarm devices. The standard is mandatory from 1st March 2013, and Cooper Fulleon’s new generation LX range is a low current solution to meet its challenges.

With models for wall or ceiling applications the range consists of six products, five of which provide coverage of 7.5m. The Squashni G4 LX Ceiling device however, features the largest coverage in the range reaching 15m, making it most suited for large public space applications. A coverage volume code can be found on each product ensuring it is fully compliant to EN 54-23. If installing the products in smaller rooms where a lower coverage volume is required, simply use the switch feature to reduce the coverage and flash rate by half, ensuring no power is consumed unnecessarily and costs are kept to a minimum.

Unique LED and Lens Technology

The biggest challenge with EN 54-23 is to achieve the 0.4 lux over a wide area with the lowest possible current consumption. To meet the demands, delivering current consumption as low as 12mA, Fulleon’s new generation LX range is built on the latest LED technology. This enables it to deliver low power and a stable and reliable light output.

The LX range’s highly innovative and patent pending unique lens technology means the lens distributes light with extraordinary efficiency. It refracts light to remove hot spots of light directly in front of the LED and then re-distributes the light to dark spots, where traditional solutions would fail to meet the 0.4 lux minimum requirement. It is important to control the available light accurately, as any light outside of the prescribed volume will waste power unnecessarily and increase the cost of the system.

Flash Options

With three flash options to choose from, the LX range offers complete flexibility. For the economy installation, a white only flash option is available. Those with a preference for a red flash have two options; a red only flash or red ChromaPlus™. ChromaPlus™ is a unique innovation capitalising on the human perception of light, to give the impression of a red flash whilst providing a much higher coverage than a red only flash. This reduces the number of devices required in an area and consequently reduces installation and system costs.

LX Range

Not only have the LX products been developed specifically to comply with EN 54-23, the views of many existing customers have been incorporated with many ingenious techniques to provide practical solutions. Central to its design is the complete flexibility to alter the flash rate, coverage and flash colour at the click of a switch. These settings allow the products to meet the unique requirements of each specific area and manage power consumption in the most efficient manner. This also offers ultimate flexibility, providing simplified stock management and reduced stock holding.

Visit our new website at to find out more about the LX range and access our variety of support resources. One of these resources is a specification tool, which allows the user to identify suitable products and the number of devices required in an area to comply with EN 54-23 as well as calculating the total current consumption. An informative video is available online, providing a useful overview on how Fulleon’s LX range meets the requirements of the standard, plus product approval information and much more.